Mid-Summer Adventures

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Mid-Summer Adventures
in Khao Yai

Khao Yai is a destination of countless travel adventures and experiences, with things to see and do for everyone. Summertime in Khao Yai is a beautiful combination of vivid colours, outdoor activities, and fun-filled day out. If you’re visiting Khao Yai in the mid-Summer, you can find plenty of Summer activities to fill your itinerary. From outdoor adventures to nature exploring, there are never-ending experiences to explore under the endless sunshine.


Soak in Fresh Spring Water at Ban Tha Chang Spring

Escape the Summer heat and go swimming in the crystalline light-blue spring water surrounded by lush trees and beautiful rock creeks. Located at Tambon Mu Si, Amphoe Pak Chong, inside the Khao Yai National Park, you can spend your afternoon dipping in the cooling fresh water emerged naturally from the ground and spend your relaxing time with a picnic under the tree shade.

via Wongnai.com
via Wongnai.com
via Wongnai.com

Catch Up With the Wildlife at Bonanza Exotic Zoo

Enter the animal planet of myriad of exotic species. Bonanza Exotic Zoo covers around 15 acres of hilly land with 700-meter circular walkway through the greenery hills. You will get to meet the alpacas, the miniature horses, the exotic birds, the giraffes, and play with many more creatures. A true chance to literally immerse yourself in the wildlife nature.

via Bonanza Exotic Park Facebook
via Bonanza Exotic Park Facebook
via Bonanza Exotic Park Facebook

See Cowboy in Action at Farm Chokchai

Enjoy a fun and exciting rodeo show at one of the biggest dairy farms in Asia. At Chokchai Farm, visitors can enjoy the vast agricultural landscapes and learn more about life in a dairy farm with the exciting rodeo show where everyone gets to meet the real cowboys. A wonderful place to spend a day with your family.

via Farmchokchai.com
via Farmchokchai.com

Fill A Fun Day Race At Khao Yai Speedkart

At Khao Yai Speedkart, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the all-age karting and ATVs at a 500 meter speedkart racing park with 60-80 km/h speed limit. With A house farm with animals and a cool coffee shop are both on site for those seeking a break from the speed. Perfect for a fun-filled day out with your entire family.
via Khao Yai Speedkart Facebook
via Khao Yai Speedkart Facebook

Get Splash At ‘Scenical World’ the Amusement Water Park

Prepare yourself for the action-packed day out at the largest amusement and water park in Kaho Yai. Scenical World consists of 3 themed zones;  ‘SPLASH’, ‘EXCITE’ and ‘KIDS’ where players can refresh and unwind with 20 amazingly fun rides and 5 water sliders including wave pool, lazy pool and aqua play for all ages. Get ready to boost up your adrenaline and refresh yourself from the hot day at Scenical World!

via Scenicalworld.com
via Scenicalworld.com

Get Lost in the Magic ‘Pete Maze’

A lush green well-designed and thick leafy wall makes the zig-zagging labyrinth a true challenge. Let your imagination run wild while playing hide and seek and trying to find the way out of the maze with stops by lovely statues along the way.

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Step into the World of Flower at ‘The Bloom’

Immerse yourself deep inside a magnificent floral garden at the Bloom, the impressive land of various themed gardens with beautiful floral scenery and charming atmosphere. With more than 30 species of flowers in elegantly vivid colours, you will find yourself relax and rejuvenate among the power of nature.

via The Bloom By Tvpool Khaoyai Facebook
via The Bloom By Tvpool Khaoyai Facebook
via The Bloom By Tvpool Khaoyai Facebook

Hike at Khao Yai National Park

Step into the exotic and tropical natural beauty of Khai Yai National Park. It’s the second largest national park in Thailand covering over 2,000 square kilometers and raging from forest-clad hills to open grasslands. Challenge yourself on the trek to the stunning Haew Narok Waterfall or go hiking on plenty of easier trails suitable for families with younger kids. Enjoy the spectacular views of mountains and waterfalls with the wonderful wildlife.

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Spot the Wildlife at Khao Yai National Park

Home to hundreds of animal species, Khao Yai National Park is one of the best places to spot wild Asian elephants as well as gibbons, black bears and over 320 species of birds, and Thailand's largest populations of great hornbills. There are several viewpoints and salt licks where you can get a chance to see elephants and other wild animals in their natural habit. One of the best experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

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